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Billy cat shows 2019

Last year brought me some great memories for me and my cats!
New family members, new kittens!
Billy has attended 4 shows over 2019!
My cat-stud won 1CC three times and Billy now is holding The Champion title.
At the shows he feels very comfortable and relaxed. The judges are able to check him and have a close look easily. Judges are giving the best scores for his correct eyes shape, the body proportions, his very soft and nicely waved coat.
I am very happy that Billy is passing his best genes to his kittens.

Billy is a perfect example of Devon Rex breed. 


Kiki cat shows 2019

Last year for my beautiful Kiki was very exciting.
She became mother for her first time.
Kiki is very good and caring mother, loving her kittens.
2019 Kiki participated in two shows.
At her first show on 19th October Kiki was a bit nervous and restless.
The judges gave her 1CC On Hold.
We attended second show on 21st December and all went well.
Kiki felt positive and relaxed.
"She was prepared well for the show and Kiki definitely deserved her 1CC!"
one of the judges said.
I was so happy and I am looking for the future shows with hope to become The Champion one day!
Good luck Kiki! 


Kentish cat show 20/10/18

Billy's first ever time going to the cat show. When we arrived to the show he had a pen with the number 115.At 10:00am we left Billy for the judges to judge him.
He was excited and we was proud of him.
Billy behaved so well and he gave his best to the judges.
On Devon rex class he had first breeding class.
This is the best for a cat for the first time.


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